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This site will allow you to receive your bankruptcy information and link you with one of the available automotive lending sources that specializes in helping people that have recently filed or been discharged.  We only use A and B rated Better Business Dealers in this program.  If you have any problems please contact us immediately.

The best thing, is to get your pre-qualification amount using the letter you received.  The computer pre-qualification system will link directly to your court records.  It keeps all information secure between you and the local credit approval center in your area.

If you would like to get your actual qualification amount and payment, you may enter your information on the credit application page.  Once your credit application is submitted, the local credit approval center will contact you about your pre-qualification and will provide you with your loan and payment information.

If you received one of our letters, the information on the letter is the most current.  If you need additional information, please complete the Contact One form below and tell us what available bankruptcy information you may need or contact your lawyer.

Don't feel bad about what has happened.  GM and Chrysler needed bankruptcy to get back on there feet.  It happens to the best and our dealerships and lenders know that.  This is why they have started a drive to put America back on their feet with low interest secondary programs.

In fact, many of the dealers we have offer financing on new cars as low as 5.9% to recent Bankruptcy Discharges.

You will be sent an e-mail asking you to verify your identity using your        Qualification Code printed on your letter.  We will then have your current status and contact information.

We have a list of current lenders that have very good finance options for anyone involved in or just discharged from a bankruptcy.  Just e-mail us for a dealer near you.  Be sure to use a recommended dealer so you may take advantage of the captive financing options available or test drive your auto loan with your letter.

We will also notify you on your discharge date with all information needed.  This is normally one week or earlier than the court documents you will receive.

Remember our mission is to connect you with a highly rated automotive dealership in your area. The dealership is connected with lenders that have programs designed to help you.

If you would like to receive a full pre-approval please complete the credit application by clicking HERE.  We will process your pre-approval application with loan amount and payment amount before contacting you.

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You must be an A or B rated BBB (Better Business Bureau) dealership to qualify for this program.